How Henry Park of 3GC Group became a leading force in the Creator Kitchen Experience.

Who is Henry Park?

Henry is a technology entrepreneur with 18+ years experience building teams and networks of high impact individuals globally. He has a creative passion in what can be achieved by getting people and resources together to solve problems.  Rooted in the kundalini yogic framework of existence, he looks at personal, family, business, spiritual and philanthropic efforts as one integrated way of living. He has a BS in Economics and a minor in Psychology from UC Irvine and an Executive MBA from Tuck University.

Henry Park is one of the integral leads to the Creator Kitchen Experience right here in LA, so we wanted to highlight his support and role in such a project. Henry has participated in this fundamental project along with Junior, Dijon, and Alondra.

How did you get involved in Creator Kitchen?

I got involved with this opportunity through offering a part-time job to Dijon and Alondra. I also mentored Junior on his Recycle Bud business.

What has it been like to support the participants?

I am enthusiastic to see so many people around me wanting to help. I realized that I’m surrounded by such kind and genuine people, so grateful for the relationships. It gave me hope in society to build a wonderful thing for our community together, despite any barriers that have come between us as people.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in yourself since starting the project?

I have learned to be more patient and ‘go with the flow’ in a way. I am learning to grow my trust in other people more with a shared purpose.

What impact does having the proper support have for you?

Having the proper support is a blessing that I am grateful for. I have felt security and confidence with these amazing people.

Why do you now want to teach/support others?

Teaching our youth to ‘fish’ so to speak. This way, our youth can lead and help future generations. As we speak, the clock is ticking and we are running out of time to save our planet. We, as humans, have been the ones to ruin the planet and we need to work as a collective movement together to save it.

Who have been your most influential teachers?

My father in teaching me work ethic, my many advisors and mentors like Jim Rinaldi, Roberto Orci, Shyam Manwani and authors I follow like Keith Ferrazi, Eric Reiss, Jesse Itzler, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Voss as well as spiritual teachers like Carolyn Myss.

What were some of the turning points in your life that shaped you?

Watching my mother struggle to pay groceries lit a fire in me that continues to this day. Going through my Kundalini level 1 teacher training process converted that fire from a fixation on money and power to the purpose of serving.

What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?

There are so many kids who mean well and have great potential that are just unfortunately in circumstances that hold them from achieving such. Some who are homeless or on the streets. Before this project, I admit ignorantly thinking that it was their fault for getting there, partaking in drugs or maybe struggling with mental illnesses. I have learned so much and grown to believe that a little bit of help can help people in such grand ways that I previously thought would be a waste of time.

We are so thankful to have Henry take a moment of his time to talk about the Creator Kitchen Experience and help educate others on the benefits he has personally seen since becoming involved in this project.

Takeaway #1: Teaching younger generations starts with those that are disadvantaged as that’s how we grow together, through equity.

Takeaway #2: As humans, we have destroyed the planet over generations. We have to make a stand now if we plan to stop the destruction and heal the Earth for generations to come.

Takeaway #3: Involvement, at any level, to support this community can change the lives of many.

Whether it is your support, your time, or through a generous donation… We can all take part and come together as a movement of individuals to make this community and Earth a better place.

You can join our movement or donate here!

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