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How We Get Results


Carbon-negative farming practices heal the soil, improve nutritional value & honor nature. Caring for the ecosystem benefits the earth and regenerates physical, mental, & spiritual health.


Partnerships with individuals & groups ensure that For Land & People is by, of, and for the communities it serves. Stakeholders are involved at every level of operation.


We create growth & healing through connection with the earth & nurturing the land. Acquired skills & awareness become paths to stability & opportunity for growth.


By appreciating and blending cultures, skills, traditions & practices, we produce regenerative human & ecological results that form a scalable model for the future.

Our 5-Star Approach

Panoptic Solutions

We strive to approach each person, project, and community with a broad-spectrum understanding that responds to multiple and evolving needs simultaneously. We are a civilization in crisis – and we didn’t get here overnight. Our problems are complex and so must be our solutions. Often intervention is nonexistent, inadequate, or sporadic. Available programs are often limited in their ability to offer comprehensive, layered plans for success and, consequently, create a cycle of dependency on an ineffective system. Understanding impacts and finding answers become even more complicated for marginalized populations.

Stakeholder Integration

Our programs and paths are constructed with the continuous input of the individuals and communities we intend to serve. For at-risk youth, this mimics a functional, stable family environment and allows them to evolve at their own way and pace, inspired by their authentic interests. For communities, this attitude respects the cultural, social, and historic precedents in a spirit of service, absent of saviorism or largesse.

Long-Term Commitment

Our long-term plans include: scaling and sharing our methods for use by other communities; ongoing family-style support and guidance for youth program participants; and seeding generational wealth in marginalized communities through our land investment.

Heart-Centered Integrity

Our founders come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds and diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and religious groups. Some know the trauma of poverty, incarceration, and homelessness. Others are successful and highly educated entrepreneurs, activists, and teachers. Some know first-hand the stress of food insecurity, foster life, systemic inequities in health care access, and mental health challenges. These experiences inform our team's lifelong commitments to personal accountability and public service.

Nonprofit/For Profit Synergy

"Social good" is the mission -- but how can it be done and how can it be profitable? Our long-term plans include a corporate event space that offers people and companies a meaningful option for meetings, business retreats, and special programs. Situated only miles from Hollywood and Silicon Beach, the full-service venue will integrate community-based activities with corporate events to break down social, cultural, and economic barriers.

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